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The Futile Experiment

In A-Blurb on September 15, 2009 at 2:59 pm

I don’t know when I wrote here for the last time. It’s not important either. Who cares? Not even me. And it’s not I do not remember this blog, eh? I have it there, at my left hand side, with all my useful everyday bookmarks. But I keep on skipping it.

I scroll top to bottom, bottom to top and keep on skipping The Tired Prop bookmark. And every time is the same “Wel… It’s I do not have a subject to bring up”, “Well… it’s just I do not feel comfortable writing in English”, “Well this”, “Well that”

I have to admit it. I do not feel the same passion writing in English than in Spanish. Most of my entries in my other blog are  about things that pop out of my mind and kicked a thought or a fast writing on a subject I feel I have something to say. And I know what I’m saying. And, even better, I know who I’m writing to because I know how the Spanish speaking audience is.

But I’ll keep on trying. I’ll keep on trying.

Vamos viejo! No me aflojes carajo!


Moving ahead

In A-Blurb on July 27, 2009 at 8:57 pm

A few days ago I was having breakfast with a good friend of mine.

In our chats we love to take time to do some philosophy on our life as immigrants in Canada. We discuss how things are going, the lessons we learned or how we think we should face the future among other things.

That day we agreed on the fact that we are about to leave our “newcomer” status. Having bought a house (he moved to his new place in Aylmer a few days ago) is the very sign of getting established.

In this past 4 years we went from having almost nothing to have kids, a well paid job in our domains, a car or may be two and a house. Only in 4 years.

Yes, Canada made it possible, is a country with good conditions to succeed. But we pushed it hard and sacrificed many things to get it where we are.

So now it’s a good moment to relax, enjoy ourselves and move on to the next stage. God only knows what’s ahead for us… But it cannot be bad.

Having a reality check while you buy furniture for your new home

In A-Blurb on July 20, 2009 at 2:21 pm

As we will be moving soon to our new place, we’ve been going around with Pat looking for new furniture we will need: sofa, dining table, new beds and bedroom stuff for the kids and so on.

As it happens most of the times, this is something new for us. We never had this need before, so it’s our first time in Canada looking for this kind of things. So, we decided to check a few places to see what they have, and for how much. The places we’ve been at were Ikea (how not!), Leon’s, The Brick, Structubes, The Upper Room, My House and De Boers.

I'm sorry? How much?

I'm sorry? How much for a sofa?

It’s nice to see how people with a 1 million dollar place decorate their homes… I guess that’s the people that buys a 5k+ sofa, for instance. And it was good to do a reality check and see where I stand in the social piramid.

If you drive a Kia van, you cannot pretend to by not even a bedside table at some places like De Boers!