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Are they idiots… or they just think we are idiots?

In A-Blurb on January 21, 2009 at 8:59 pm

It was not enough with a forty something days strike in Ottawa. No. There is no urgency with the strike. We can still live. There`s no dead people yet… So our (their, because I do not vote yet) councilors decided to take a ski trip to BC.

OMG! And I thought I’ve seen everything in the 3rd world!

  1. This is fantastic Guillermo! I will continue to follow you in your transmogrified state….

  2. I’m very irritated at how complacent people are about all of this. They just get in their cars at 5:00 am every morning and sit in bumper to bumper traffic for 2 hours to get to a work place that’s only 10 minutes away. People are out renting cars, buying cars, merrily filling carpooling and helping their neighbours who are isolated and helpless with no buses. And we all just wait politely until someone decides to give us our public transportation back. At the very least I hope at the next municipal election we will NOT just automatically be voting for the same damn person that’s been in office for the last 25 years (which is what Ottawans traditionally seem to do)Because these guys ALL need to go. Clean house. (PS: Welcome back to the blogosphere)

  3. Hi,
    New here and also sick of the strike.:)
    The level of incompetence in this city and in our government is astonishing! Maybe the idiots who decided that transit wasn’t ‘essential’ should speak with those who have no cars, the elderly, disabled and students who DEPEND on the buses to live a semi-acceptable life.


  4. @Woodsy… Hi! Thanks for dropping by and for following me… It’s the beginning of a new era! 😉

    @XUP… Hello XUP! I have to say that your email really gave me the strength to start over, I swear! And yes… it’s really surprising how people got used to this that soon… I’d love to see a little bit more reaction…

    @hanna… I’m new here too, so don’t worry… Welcome! I agree with you, local government is showing its worst face with this. Take into account for the next elections!

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