A Great Collection of Nonsense From a South Of The Border Guy

So… Who the fuck are you?

In A-Blurb on January 21, 2009 at 3:00 pm

They say that is important to be properly introduced to your readers, and so I’ll do.

When young, very young, I used to be (among other things) a rugby player. Not too long ago I used to live somewhere south from Canada (ha! Guess!). And untill a few days ago I used to be a sucessfull blogger for a not very successfull niche.

But, one day, I got sick and tired of being a sucessfull blogger, I got sick and tired of being between two countries and never got tired of rugby. So I decided to say “fuck off” to all my former readers and decided to get completely involved with Canada while not leaving behind those fucking good times of rugby and joy.

So here I am, a Tired Prop, still pushing. Nice to meet you.

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