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NFL… I will miss you! [Super Bowl XLIII is almost here]

In A-Blurb on January 30, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Of all the “northern hemisphere” sports the one that really grabbed my attention and I religiously follow every year is football. Since 2002, when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl XXXVII and they used to count with a “south of their border” kicker in the team, I’ve followed this sport… and I love it.

Don’t ask me why, I do not have a straight answer to be honest! It just happened…! Now, every single year, I reserve for myself the Super Bowl Sunday. I can do sacrifices during the season like missing a Sunday night or Monday night game, not watching some particular Bret Favre game in order to preserve the family peace… but Super Sunday is not negotiable!

And every year it’s the same… The game ends, the TV goes off and I feel some emptiness that nothing will fill untill next September. Or may be some very selected dosis of NBA… but that depends on how well the Spurs are doing.

  1. There is only one reason to watch the Superbowl.
    Bruce Springsteen.

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