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Names? Just “Tom and Jerry” like in the cartoons

In A-Blurb on February 2, 2009 at 2:34 pm

Two of my three kids have “very south of the border” names that sometimes are hard to be pronounced in English. We learned that lesson and for our third kid we chose a name more understandable in any local official language, and in ours.

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I remarked the sometimes just because it depends on who your other party in the conversation is and how much effort the other party wants to put on understanding what you mean. Well… First Choice Haircutters is not one of the best places to find a good interlocutor. Most of the ladies there are newly arrived and most of them barely speak English. It’s not that I’m a master of the language (as you may notice) but I try to do my best.

Last Saturday I dropped by my closest FCH so S. and F. can have their haircuts done. The lady that tried to write down their names was in such a bad mood to listen my spelling and had bear any intention of listening to me that just wrote down some unintelligible stuff in the paper and left the counter with a protest of  “So difficult names!” My only answer was that maybe she had to improve her spelling skills and that some ESL classes would do no harm… what introduced to the facilities a very negative sensation, nervous environment.

So, for the next time the will be “Max and Ruby”, “Toopy and Binoo”, “Chin and Chan”, “Kama and Sutra”  or “Tom and Jerry”… And of course, I guess I should look for other place to put my head next time!

  1. I thought you’d learned your lesson about FCH a long time ago. I remember a comment you made on someone else’s post about the horrifying hair cut you got there. FCH is a bad, bad place. BAD! Stay away. There are lots of nice people who cut hair out of their homes who are qualified, pleasant and charge no more than FCH. Please. For the love of god, keep your children away from FCH. Thank you

    • You are right (what an amazing memory you have!) but for that we learned to “supervise closer”… This time we were able to find a fine lady at the local FCH who happens to be also from some place south of the border like us… In any case… I know I will have to get my haircut at another place next time (if I don’t want to get chopped!)

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