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A Third World Solution to the Ottawa Senators First World problem [No NHL Playoff This Season!]

In A-Blurb on February 3, 2009 at 1:52 pm

I’ve done it before and I will do it now! Yes! Because I love the Sens! Because a new point of view must be always welcome and you, dear Canadians, are supposed to be gentle enough to accept it! So let me offer A Third World Country solution to the First World problem the Ottawa Senators are having these days.

Ready? Let’s start with some background info after the jump…

It happens that where I come from, south of the border, people is very… very… gosh.. what word to use… it’s not “enthusiastic”, can be “passionate” but it’s quite short… let’s say “desperate crazy” about our big national sport (which is not Hockey by the way) Everybody plays the sport, everywhere, everytime. You MUST follow a team or at least have one in mind in case someone asks you, you are not supposed to miss any National team game or even make a phone call anywhere during a match… just because no one will pick up that call!

This country south of the border has thousands of different clubs devoted to the sport. Almost every single city, town, village, neighborhood has its own team and, of course, every team has their loyal, fanatic, supporters. Between these supporters that every club has there is a particular “subset” called the “Featured Supporters” just to find an appropriate translation. They are “The Army”, the ones that will support the club everywhere, every time, against everyone that dare any single move or look or word against their beloved colours. They are the ones that are there at every single game. Among many of their tasks and duties for the jersey they defend there is one that is their specialty: they are the link between all the fans and supporters out there (even if you like them to represent you or not… they do not care!) and the players. They go to the premises often, chat with the players or the coaches, make their points clear and show them how bad we, all the fans, want this trophy to be obtained. Fire weapons in their belt can be a good way to emphasize what they mean sometimes. If things are going well during the season, they do not show up that often, just enough to ask for some “collaboration$”. If things are not that good… well… they may be around more than often to make the coach and players their best suggestions. Of course.

But there is one thing I really love of this guys that has to do with “music”, and I’m getting closer to my point here… Be Patient!  The guys are really good at music, believe it or not. And they often use a great mix of music and psychology (yeah! that too!) in their songs that can be more than convincing to any player. Imagine this: fifty, fifty something thousand people in a stadium (not much bigger than Scotia Place) shouting loud some kind of music that, between its lyrics, has a clear message to you, the player down there and trying to score. And I can tell you, that message it’s not “Go! Sens! Go!” for sure.

So, now that we may be in the same page, the thing is… why not trying the same great music and psychology with our Sens friends here in Kanata? Why not starting to create a new set of songs to sing along at the Scotia Place, other than the childish and boring “Go! Sens Go!”, that all our beloved players down there at the rink can understand? A message in a beautiful pop-style-short-easy-to-learn song! Let’s see a couple of examples….


If you do not like the idea I'll call these guys! (Pic from http://www.daylife.com)

A Translated Example of Music and Psychology I – Because we both want the same… right?

For the sake of the examples, do not worry if you do not understand what the barbarians sing… just follow the rhythm!

I leave all behind!

Lyrics go with something like this…

Fellows I leave all behind / I go to watch the game / Because the players will show me / That they are there to win / That they want to win the cup / That they want this as bad as I do

In this fantastic piece players and supporters are bound by the same goals, the same desires and they better make it… I, the fan, have left everything behind just to watch your game, just to feel that connection between the two of us, and you better win…!  you got it?

A Translated Example of Music and Psychology II – I better don’t find out…

Again… for the sake of the examples, do not worry if you do not understand what the barbarians sing… just follow the rhythm! Enjoy!

You better have guts

Let’s see… We could translate this as….

Go [whatever the name of the team] Go! / Have guts and go fight / We do not want to find out / That this is just another season

As you can see in this wonderful example, the fans communicate with their beloved players with an unmistakeably message full of joy, hope… and fear (for the guys down there) We want to win this season! And you want too! There’s no need for you to tell me so because I already know!! I already know you want to win, right? Isn’t’ it right? You want too, eh?

Let’s sing a song!

So, now that you have the idea… do you think this could work? Can we make a little song for our good Alfredsson? Or may be something to welcome Cory Clouston and wish him the best of lucks?


That's the spirit! The new Senators fans at Scotia Place! (Pic from http://www.nuevocementerio.com.ar)

Let’s choose a popular tune, add to it some “spicy” lyrics, sing it with your friends at the level 300 seats and teach them to the fellow Senators Army at the Scotia Place! Let’s show this guys what we really want!! I’m sure they’ll get the point… if not now at least for the next season!

PD: Gosh! It took me ages to write this post and now XUP will tell me she does not like hockey! Sh…!

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