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Stupidity Contest: OC Transpo Vs STO [Say it Loud!]

In A-Blurb on February 4, 2009 at 4:27 pm

May be I was distracted by something else and I misunderstood…It looks like Gatineau will fine you with 500 CAD if you use your cell phone in their buses and the driver judges you talk too loud.

Stupidity Contest Runner Up #1

Stupidity Contest Runner Up #1

Stupidity Contest Runner Up #2

Stupidity Contest Runner Up #2

So what if my gramma is deaf? Eh?

WTF! Is this some kind of stupidity contest between the OC Transpo and the STO guys? They fight to see who is the dumbest? My gosh… Is this true?

  1. Gatineau buses will fine you even more if you speak English. *joke*
    Seriously, though, that is ridiculous. People who speak too loudly into their cell phones are obnoxious, as are those with loud and stupid cell phone rings, but to fine them? What about personal rights? What’s next, the drivers will fine you if you don’t say “good morning” to them?!

  2. Quebecers have those things sometimes… well… I guess we better do not dig further into this.

    Thanks for dropping by Hannah!

  3. I’m all for personal rights, but that goes both ways. When I’m on the bus I also have a right not to listen to some dickhead blathering loudly about his sex life or arguing with some other dickhead or giving someone a blow by blow description of his bus ride. I’m all in favour. And while they’re at it they can also fine people whose iPods are on so loud and I get to listen to incessant sqawking for the whole ride. Seriously, riding the bus is uncomfortable enough — too hot in winter, too cold in summer, hard, crappy seats (if you can get one), people squeezed in like sardines, stop and go stop and go, no shock absobers, having to wait for it in all weathers, the smells of the other riders all mingled into an indescribable melange. Teenagers screaming at each other, babies crying…. what’s wrong with trying to cut down the unnecessary noise? In Halifax you can’t bring food or beverages on the bus — if you’re caught eating or drinking anything, you can get fined and/or kicked off. They got tired of cleaning up the messes left by spilled drinks and food wrappers. Some food really stinks and makes people sick while driving. You can also get fined or kicked off for wearing perfume (Halifax is scent-free). All good ideas.

  4. new to your blog – i like it! i’m with xup. all for peoples right to comfortable public transit and it’s sad that one must monitor this tye of thing. it comes down to the fact that some people don’t have common sense of decent etiquette skills or social smarts and must be told not to crank their walkmans, or talk incessantly about sex or whatever else is happening in their lives. i’m also with banning food and drink.

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