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I used to be a brilliant blogger

In A-Blurb on February 10, 2009 at 9:35 am

When I started blogging, far away in time and far away south of the border, I used to write for a different audience and in a different language. At the beginning there were just a few readers, a dozen a day (as it happens now here), with the time that blog became a reference for a small community and started receiving hundreds of visits a day. Never thousands, despite my efforts, but many hundreds. It still continues receiving hundreds of visits every day, although I’ve stoped writing on it a few weeks ago.

New Place, New Time

New Place, New Time

That was a hell of a blog. It successfully combined different techniques to attract new readers every day. It was close to the thousand subscribers. The readers anxiously waited for the new notes every week and I used to receive dozens of emails from everywhere south of the border thanking the effort I put every single day on it. It was the “Pro” weblog in a bucket full of amateurs. The reference and the oldest one in the subject. It was active for more than 4 years.

I used to study the stats up to the detail, I knew every keyword I should use, when and why. I was aware of all my competitors out there, I knew when every single blog linked to me and how. I detected frauds in my name, people that tried to steal my content, bloggers that envied me and others that tried to imitate me. I made it grow and grow and grow… until it exploded in my face.

Far away in time I used to be a hell of a blogger because I wanted to tell people things I felt passionate about in a way I felt passionate about. But too much passion hurts. And, when the passion is gone, you better quit. I had to do it. That blog was like a Frankenstein kind of thing. A monster I created and that was starting to kill me.

Nowadays, I’m trying to resucitate that hell of a blogger I know I am. In other place, in other language, with other name. Just because I know I have the passion for writing deep inside me somewhere. I just need sometime to dig deep inside me. Just a little bit of time to take care of old wounds and  lessons learned.

  1. I’m rooting for you!! Don’t try to force it. It will happen. Read lots of other blogs and you’ll bring the blogger within you to life.

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