A Great Collection of Nonsense From a South Of The Border Guy

Stupidity Contest #2: Are Quebec Separatists a small bunch of “light terrorists”? Or just idiots? Or all of the above? Or none?

In A-Blurb on February 23, 2009 at 1:58 pm

I wonder, and I just wonder, if this separatists in Quebec, the ones that forced the cancellation of that battel reenactment are just a bunch of idiots or they are serious about their intentions…

Because if they are serious and they start menacing public security in an act like that… I winder, and I just wonder… Isn’t it a kind of terrorist action? Let’s say like… Hammas irrupting in some act in israel and provoquing people, or spanish separatists blowing cars in some act in Barcelona, Madrid or wherever…

I don’t think they have the guts to do it, but in anyway just the threat is enough, isn’t it?

I have a deep debt of honor with Quebec. They paved my way to the Canadian visa, but this guys, the separatists… they just irritate me so much! Argh!

  1. They’re idiots! Urgh! I hate all these stupid separatists, they need to take up another hobby! Anything other than bitchin’ and moaning.

  2. It’s an interesting situation in Quebec. There is no denying they have a very distinct culture – very different from that of English Canada and I understand that they want to protect it. This “separatist” stuff is their way of clinging to their identity. I don’t think anyone actually believes it’s feasible to separate, but they have to keep fighting or get consumed by English Canada — that’s the thinking anyway, I think.

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