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Memories from my 70s

In In the Back of My Mind on February 25, 2009 at 10:01 am

It’s not that I have a lot, but they are good enough to give me a fresh account on what was going on those days.

That's me on the right with my aunt Elvira and one of my cousins in my early 70s

That's me on the right with my aunt Elvira and one of my cousins in my early 70s

Last night some pictures of my childhood suddenly showed up and with them a desire of bringing them back to life. In another language, for another culture but with the same enthusiasm. Do you want to join me in this journey back to my childhood? If you’ll be able to cope with some misuse of the language and poor vocabulary… Let’s go then!

Those were the years of my Elementary School. A big, grey, humid, formal catholic school in the heart of a neighborhood about twenty something kilometers from home. I can remember myself going to school with my Mum, holding hands. There was a bus, the 103 was it, that had the stop around 300 metres from there so I walked with Mum along those narrow, sometimes broken sidewalks. “Do not kick that!” she used to tell me “You never know if it’s a bomb or not!” she always added. And she was right I guess. Time taught me that those were difficult years, the “plumb years” I guess they called them. The 70s were complicated in that country south of the border but we survived them. We survived so many things in that country south of the border that sometimes I wonder how I am still alive.

During sometime we were driven back home by a tall man of prominent nose and that always had dark glasses and a dark suit. He used to drive a big, comfortable, Ford Falcon. One day the guy showed us what he used to carry with him at the front seat. I was a nice, dark gun. We were well protected those days. But Mum and Dad did not like that to happen and I did not see the tall man anymore.

When time passed I was allowed to go to school by myself. I used to go to the bus stop on my own, travel those few minutes and walk about 3 blocks to the school. I used to walk by the avenue I remember. It had (and it still has I guess) , lots of big trees that every autumn left the sidewalk with a thick carpet of brown leaves. I remember me kicking them while passing by the sweets factory. What a great smell was always coming out from there! I can still feel it! Yummy!

I recall the long recess by mid morning, the rushes to Mr. Funes kiosk to buy a sandwich or something to stop the noises coming from the belly. The lucky ones were able to get a toasted ham and cheese sandwich in “PBT” bread. Wow! Those were good! But I never had enough money for them. Sometimes I felt into temptation and ended buying one… using the money for the bus back to home… Therefore I had to stay at the bus stop and plead the driver for a free ride! LOL! I’ve always been so shy for everything… but the toasted ham and cheese sandwich was always worth the embarrassment.

By mid 70s my “sports life started” and with it a whole new set of experiences. It was the beginning of a new era in my life that was going to find its finest times in the 80s. But that’s for another day. I have to go now.

  1. This is really fascinating and scary. I can’t wait for the next installment.

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