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American Idol: They are so f… obvious!

In A-Blurb on March 11, 2009 at 9:16 am

We enjoy TV. It’s our relax time after dinner and when trying to relax before going to bed. Every day has its own show. Mondays are for House, for instance. Or Fridays are for Flashpoint. Thursdays, no doubts, CSI. During this past few weeks, and for the next few weeks, American Idol will have its own air time.

Bunch of Cheaters!

Bunch of Cheaters!

It’s that we like good singers. We like following some good prospects. We follow some guys with special interest and we even compete with each other with Pat based on our preferences. For instance, last season or the previous one… that girl Melinda Doolitle… What a hell of singer! But she lost… American people is so special! Even if Simon Paula and the others really show their preferences sometimes it cannot help.

And talking about showing preferences, the fact is that this season Simon and the Crew are being so fucking obvious with them, that is almost disgusting.

Hi! I'm Simon's new darling!

Hi! I'm Simon's new darling!

WTF is going on with this metrosexual thing in the picture above? They are being so obvious on how they are pushing this guy to move on… I understand is a show, and there’s money, and we have to invent some kind of new rock star… But c’mon! This guy cannot sing! You cannot be so f… biased!

This season I’ll go to the blind guy. not the latino, is nto that good. And not the brownie, he is not that good either. Butthe blind guy is good… and Paula, Simon and the other two will do their best to push him out. A blind guy does not sell that much.

Oh! I’m pissed off now! Be careful!

Pic from http://www.realitytvmagazine.com

  1. Don’t get your blood pressure up over a stupid TV show. If I get fed up I just stop watching. It’s simple. But from what I’ve seen of the show so far I like that Danny guy with the glasses

  2. I like Megan, but she needs better song choices. Every week during Idol my “Idol Buddy” and I send text messages about performances and judges decisions. We don’t always agree and sometimes have a lively text debate. It’s all about the fun of it for me, in the end I’m not sure it matters who wins. I loved David Cook, couldn’t stand David A. but their first CD’s came out on the same day didn’t they? Relax and enjoy it.

  3. Megan, Megan… Is she the little blond one? Or the tall one with the tatoo in her right arm?

    I always think it’s possible to get some good prospect… But americans love pop so I would not be suprised if this Adam wins.

  4. Megan is the one with the tattoo on her arm. I think she’s just adorable. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam wins either.

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