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Where were we?

In From Everyday Life on March 17, 2009 at 11:07 am


Oh! yes! Sorry about that!

What a week! What weekend! What a day! What a night!

Days are getting shorter for some reason. They start early in the morning, breakfast, kids drop-off, work, kids pick-up, snack, dinner, sudden death on the coach while TV is still on. And that’s it. Sh..! I need a new life!

Pic from trwcsmallgroups.com

Pic from trwcsmallgroups.com

March Break and early teens… Or whatever the name is for an 11 years old behaving the same way I bvahevd at 14! WTF is wrong with this kids? What amuses them? What do yo do with them? There’s no activity that pleases them more than the PlayStation! You spend money in a camp, they do not like the camp. You ask, they don’t know. Everytime I think I was like him… At least I can prevent the outcome!

Hoem Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

We nailed it! Yep! We finally got an offer accepted for a beautifull townhouse in Kanata. It was not easy… tough negotiation. But here we are. Now my to-do list grew a 200% percent. If I have a cardiac arrest in the meantime, you may know why.

  1. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy many wonderful years in your new home.

  2. Congratulations on the house!

  3. Hope you like the house and as for the kids, the bad news is that for the next ten yrs or so they will be convinced you are hopeless. If you don’t kill them though they will in fact return to this world after that.

  4. Congrats! So when’s the house warming party? 😉

  5. Nice house! And the 11-13 year old group are called “tweens” because they’re in between kids and teens. I say, if they’ve been working hard at school all year they deserve a week of just vegging out.

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