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One step at a time

In A-Blurb on March 25, 2009 at 8:32 am

Things are going good in the “new house” front. I was told yesterday that RBC and CHMC approved my mortgage application (which I ghad no doubt was going to happen… but you always want to hear it from someone else!) So, one step at a time, the house project is moving well.

One Stpe at a Time

One Step at a Time

What worries me is the get a job” front. Both for me and my wife. She’s strugglingto get a decent administrative job since last year and all she was able to get was call centre crap. I know a job is a job and you may get what you deserve… but I know she deserves better. She can get some other thing out of a call centre. I’m working with her on this and helping on her resume and cover letters and sending them during my downtimes. May be it’s a matter of patience. Let’s see.

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It took me a few months while living in Waterloo, ON to realize I wanted to be back in this region. Those 2 years in SW Ontario were almost like paying for my sins at hell. May be I’m exagerating but you got the idea (I hope). Fighting my way back to the Outaouais was another pain in the back. I had to really push it and now I’m paying the price of insisting. Stucked in a cube, surrounded by the “exclusive Canadian Club” that has been making me pay the price of being here for almost a year so far. I’ll have towrite about this one day… Tha fact is that I am almost prefering being back in Waterloo at this time than having to work in this group. But nothing is perfect and you have to deal with the price of your decissions I guess.

Well… that’s it for today.

Oh! I almost forgot… Yesterday at my “english class for those who do not know how to efficiently communicate with their native WASP counterparts” the teacher asked what did we think about canadians, if they are friendly or not.

You may be friendly… But most of the time you are polite. And although they can be confused they are very different things. Wanna discuss it?

Pic from http://lowenddslr.com/

  1. Has your wife done the PSC government administrative test? They’re desperate for admin people these days. Has she tried all the temp agencies – especially the ones that supply government with temp workers? That’s a good way to get a foot in the door and one of the best ways to keep yourself employed that I know — especially in the admin sector. I’m sorry you’re both having a hard time with work AND with people not living up to your expectations. I’ve moved around a bit, too and I know how difficult it is to establish new friendships/social circles as an adult. I don’t think that’s any different no matter where you’re from. People who’ve lived in a place most of their lives have their families and old friends and don’t have a lot of time or room for new friendships. Canadians are polite and friendly to a certain extent. They’re not going to throw open their arms and homes to you though — which I know people in other countries may very well do with strangers. We’re more aloof. That doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it only means we’re not as demonstrative as some other cultures.

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