A Great Collection of Nonsense From a South Of The Border Guy

Those F… ignorants from Fox News

In From other latitudes on March 26, 2009 at 8:22 am

If the world (and Canada in particular) needed a demonstration on how ignorants the guys south of the border can be, what happened the other day at Fox News was a good one.


I’m really pissed off! You do not joke with that specially when there are 4 bodies coming back! You ignorant jerk!

Wanna see the video? Move on…

  1. This is their idea of satire. They’re not really completely stupid I assume. It’s supposed to be funny and probably under normal circumstances we would have laughed at it, but the whole Afghanistan thing is a pretty touchy subject, especially when 4 more kids just got killed the day this “satire” came out.

  2. I agree with XUP, although I must add, while I do watch Fox News on a regular basis I NEVER watch this particular show. Every time I have, I find it distasteful and a waste of my time. I have wondered why it is on Fox News Channel.

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