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Wanna play? Let’s play! 5 Questions for Canadians

In From other latitudes on April 30, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Hi all!

Last year my readers prepared 5 questions for canadians… Most of them are the things they wanted to know from you before arriving to Canada, as you will notice. Giving them a second look they are kind of… let’s say… “not so politically correct questions” but I was not aware of that an year ago… Swear!


The fact is that I’d like to bring them up again and, now that I ahve a (small) canadian/northamerican readership, may be we can find new answers to these old questions. If you feel uncomfortable, you can “anonymize” yourself… or send me an email wityh your answers to “thetiredprop@gmail.com

Thanks…! You can find the questions after the jump

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This week, the bridge goes towards Canada

In From other latitudes on April 27, 2009 at 2:48 pm

Because of that reciprocity thing we’ve been talking about I decided to ask my readers there in the other blog (the successfull brother of this) to talk to you. I asked them to let you know why they left that place, why they chose this, what they expected and what dissapoints them…

To encourage even more,  I told them they could eb able to respond in any language they want (I suppose thwy will use any of this three: Sapnish, English or French!)

They are starting to talk… They are shy, but they will do it! 😉

You can drop by if you want… this is the link

No storm can stop us! We inaugurated the BBQ season!

In From Everyday Life on April 27, 2009 at 10:37 am

Oh Yeah! The weather network said Saturday was going to be great, we believed them, we organized, we bought, we bbq’d…

BBQ "South Of the Border Style" on its way!

BBQ "South Of the Border Style" on its way!

And we ate… And believe me… it was awesome… no matter the storm!

Yeah... It was really good!

Yeah... It was really good!

How was your Saturday?

Garage Sales are (almost) here!

In A-Blurb on April 22, 2009 at 8:55 am

Wow… I have to admit it… I love Garage Sales. It was one of the greatest discoveries I’ve made in Canada…
it may sound crazy, but we do not have that where I come from. I’m not sure why, if you ask. May be it’s because that sense of attachment everyone has to their belongings down there. Access to credit is not an everyday thing, so it can be so difficult to purchase new stuff sometimes that you end up embracing your belongings as if you were going to have them’till you die…. which happens sometimes!

When there’s some stuff we do not need anymore, we just donate it or pass it to someone else or just throw it away. But here… Oh Man! Things are so difficult! People have so much access to credit and are such avid consumers that you may find great stuff being sold by pennies sometimes!

When I arrived to Canada, almost 4 years ago, Garage Sales were the main source for most of the stuff I needed to start our new place. Plates, cuttlery, table, chair, computer desk, bed stuff, you name it…. Aylmer, Hull and Gatineau garage sales provided me with great stuff most of them I still own.

I’ve published a guide to garage sSale for my readers at the other blog… Do you want to take a look at it? It’s here: http://loszieglerencanada.com/2009/04/22/ventas-de-garage-preguntas-y-respuestas/ Feel free to share your thoughts on Garage Sales!


In Building Bridges on April 20, 2009 at 2:52 pm

Just wanted to let you know that the “bridge building” initiative is working fine. My readers at the other blog seem quite satisfied with the information on Credit Score, food, and so on. Thanks everyone!

Pic by tiny white lights

Pic by tiny white lights

I was thinking…. Is there anything you want to ask them? May be not… But just wanted to make the thing reciprocal. Anyone? Any questions? Hello?

Pic by tiny white lights

Credit History… Myth or Reality?

In Building Bridges on April 16, 2009 at 9:07 am

We keep on building bridges here. Today I’d like to raise the subject of the famous “Credit Score” or “Credit History” (am I talking about the same thing here or mixing them up?)

You can imagine that many of us are arriving kind of late to make history on something. We arrive at an average age of 35, 38 years old. late for starting a new career, late for going to school again, late for building a credit history. By the time we must start with many of those things, the average canadian has at least 20 years of story already! the problem is, that we must “compete for the same resources” even with this disadvantage.

So, given all this…How do you build a good credit history? What are the cornerstones of it? What are the best advices you can give to a newcomer in order to be able to get a good credit score? What are the Do’s and Dont’s of all this? Can you recommend any on-line resources, books, etc. where a new canadian can learn more about this?

And a bonus question… Is it true that being in the welfare totally ruins your credit history and once there your credit is fucked up for ever?

Thanks for helping me building this bridge!

So… What do they eat in Canada?

In Building Bridges on April 13, 2009 at 12:05 pm

So, given that my two usual readers agreed on the bridge idea why don’t we start right away?

Yeah, believe it or not this is one of the most often questions I receive: “What do they eat in Canada?”, “What’s their favorite dish?”, “What’s the typical canadian food?”


To be honest, I had a hard time trying to find a typical local dish other than the “poutine” What would you answer them? How would you define what a typical canadian daily diet is? Do you know any fast, easy recipe you can leave us here?

let’s build a bridge together!

Creating a Bridge

In A-Blurb on April 8, 2009 at 3:16 pm

My readers at the other blog do not know about this blgo. I don’t want to. This is my communication channel with my canadian/ottawan (“ottawanas”? I just invented a word I guess) audience.

Most of you do not know the other blog, and it’s ok… It’s mostly dedicated to the South Of the Border audience.

But what if  I could create a bridge, a communication between the two of them? I wonder… what if I could create a dialog between this people south of the border wanting to come to Canada and you, the ones opening the doors to them? I think it’d be nice… But how? may be we could bring subjects, back and forth, between the two blogs.

“What would you ask a canadian?”, “What things do you want to know their thoughts about?” I could ask over there. “What would you advice to a newcomer?”, “What would you like to tell a newcomer before he/she arrives?” I could ask over here.

I would need at least 10 readers to do so… I think I’m kind of far… Well… Let’s see… May be it’s a good idea.

Sometimes I think we are a little bit selfish

In A-Blurb on April 7, 2009 at 10:23 am

Last weekend I read a very nice note at the Kanata Kourier-Standard about some high school kids that went to Guatemala to help build houses. It was nice to read how these kids came back really charmed by some south of the border things, specially those related to sharing and familly.

That note (you can read it here) triggered in my mind a new post for “the other blog” There, I wrote about what we bring to Canada. It’s not onlya matter of coming here and bring your family and your job skills. It’s also a matter of bringing something back to the country that opened its doors to us. So, after a while and expressing the idea to my readers, I asked them… “What do you think we can give to this country to make it even better?”

The feedback, so far, has been awful. I feel ashamed. That’s why the title.

But I’ll do a little experiment these days. I will write a post about all the things that Canada gave me directly or indirectly, and I bet you I’ll have much more success. Let’s see…

Damn! I read and re-read and I get really upset… Why do people think they must receive and they have nothing to give? Is that the reason? Is it really that? Or is there some other thing I do not see?

Those little fucking islands

In From other latitudes on April 2, 2009 at 8:05 am

I remember myself with 14 years old, getting off the bus and crossing the Avenue in a chilli morning like this down there south of the border. Once in the sidewalk I meet a school buddy who was waiting for me to walk those 200 m to school. Although I rememeber his face, I cannot remember his name. Once I met him he told me in a pretty excited voice “Have you heard? We’ve invaded Malvinas islands and took them back from the british… We are at war!”

The Military Government ruling the country at that time decided to perform its master final show and surprise the whole world with a last, idiotic movement that costed us a lot of lives…

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