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So… What do they eat in Canada?

In Building Bridges on April 13, 2009 at 12:05 pm

So, given that my two usual readers agreed on the bridge idea why don’t we start right away?

Yeah, believe it or not this is one of the most often questions I receive: “What do they eat in Canada?”, “What’s their favorite dish?”, “What’s the typical canadian food?”


To be honest, I had a hard time trying to find a typical local dish other than the “poutine” What would you answer them? How would you define what a typical canadian daily diet is? Do you know any fast, easy recipe you can leave us here?

let’s build a bridge together!

  1. Like Canada, the food seems to be all over the map. Nanaimo bars, beavers tails. Typical Canadian food? well this weekend we had: mango chutney chicken (which makes it British), ravioli with marinara sauce, sushi, and leg of lamb stuff with couscous (with makes kind of Moraccan I think)… and a lot of chocolate Easter Eggs.

    Not sure what Canadian food is, the only common tread seems to be that we all love to eat. 😉

  2. Québec has traditional foods: sucre à la crème, fudge au chocolat, tarte au sucre, tourtière du Lac-St-Jean, paté à la viande, oreilles de crisse,pouding chômeur, pet de souer, etc…

  3. I like your bridge idea. But I am not sure there is a “typical” Canadian dish. Let me know if you find one!

  4. what about beaver as a canadian food or buffalo?

  5. Umm, hello? Pancakes with Canadian syrup and bacon anyone? (I don’t eat bacon but the fact we have our own is significant)

    Canadians are big breakfast eaters.

  6. I’m the wrong one to ask about typical Canadian food. I think at core it’s still very much a meat and potatoes country. The typical Canadian supper consists of potatoes or rice or maybe pasta with some kind of meat — beef, pork, chicken and maybe, if they’re lucky an attempt at a vegetable. Other Canadians eat a whole range of ethnic dishes on a regular basis

    • It looks like we have a trend here, because I’ve been talking to my ESL teacher about this and she gave me the same “potatoes+veggies+meat” answer.

      But what called my attention the most was that she was able to remember at least two or three very specific meal names from Quebec… It looks like that their intentions of keeping their language alive at least succeeded in the gastronomy scenario!

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