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Donelly KIA, if you breath they charge you!

In From Everyday Life on May 1, 2009 at 10:59 am

Today I went to Donelly KIA for the oil change in my van. A routine inspection that should have taken more than 40 minutes of my time and 50 dollars off my wallet.

As it usually happens with these guys, the service person calls me and tells me that the windshield washer things… those things that throw water to your windshield, were a little bit misaligned (which I already knew but was lazy to fix) and asked me if I wanted them to fix it.

Donelly KIA... Robbery in Kanata?

Donelly KIA... Robbery in Kanata?

As this is somethuing relatively easy to do I said yes! of course! Idiot! I was thinking that they were going to do it as a compliment thing! Ha! The f…ers charged me 23 dollars for it! I’m outraged!

So you know… next time you go to Donelluy KIA prepare to be robbed! They do not have any sense of “compliment” there… And if you plan to do the monument to the idiot, call me. I could be a good model.

  1. Yeah mechanics will get ya anyway they can. You’re lucky you’re not a woman though, some of them really try to rip us off thinking we don’t know jack about cars. Bastards!

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