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A Bunny Tail

In From Everyday Life on May 5, 2009 at 8:23 am

Last night, when I got home with the kids, we notice an animal in the basement window (actually “the hole” for the basement window… but does it have a name?) This time, it was a more pleasant animal than the rodent we had the last time and that panicked Mrs. Tired Prop. Ladies and Gentleman… Meet my new tenant… “Little Hare”

My new tenant

My new tenant

The poor guy may have fallen sometime yesterday and is scared to death… And he is so unlucky that he felt at a house where everyone has some prejudice on touching him. We are still planning how to make the guy get out of there… Any ideas? What do you do in these cases?

  1. If you have a pair of heavy gloves just pick him up. If not can you find a board to lay into the hole so he can climb out on the ramp.

  2. What Bandobras said. And then maybe you want to put some mesh or something across that window well so that you won’t have any more critters falling in.

  3. Glad to hear that the bunny is back to his home. Just be careful with wild buns. They may look sweet, but my dad had to move one once and it squealed bloody murder and looked like that evil rabbit from Monty Python!

  4. Aww he’s cute! We used to have window wells like that. If you cover them with anything solid, it blocks the light and if you don’t cover them at all you’ll find all kinds of surprises in there! A screen of some sort would be ideal.

    • I remember when living in Waterloo, one summer we had a complete set of all the diferent kinds of frogs out there. We were able to count up to 10 difft kinds of frogs in the window well at a time.

      Surely I will use something in the new house!

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