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Welcome little geese!

In From Everyday Life on May 11, 2009 at 9:44 am

I think I’ve talked about this… May be it’s me, a city boy, borned and raised in the big city… But I’ve always found the natural life in the cities I lived in Canada really amazing. Geese, ducks, cardinals, hawks, hares and all the others i see almsot every day and don’t remember the names now. So every year, when the geese fly away and acome back I found their cycle pretty interesting.

The fact is that by end of March they came back and, by the beggining of April, a couple decided to use a section fo the parking lot for their nest. They’ve been there day and night, with cold and hot weather, with rain and sun… I’ve only seen them away from the nest once.

Best possible spot? This guys like busy areas!

Best possible spot? This guys like busy areas!

So today, when I arrived to the office, I’ve observed the whole family was there, in the grass, eating and shitting (as their lives will be for the next 7 months) and the nest was empty… They were born! I just wanted to welcome the geese from our office parking lot!

  1. What a crazy place to nest. These must be the goose equivalent of trailer trash people.

  2. The geese are just practicing sound ecological principles and living close to the food source. Almost all modern city planning encourages this sort of mixed commercial and residential building.

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