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Maria, a story – Part I “I have to get the hell outta here!”

In From other latitudes on May 14, 2009 at 8:07 am

I chose Maria just because is the stereotyped name of choice. Her name is not maria, is another one but it does not matter. It can be a history of many other people around the world.

I’ve been exchanging some emails with a reader in the last few weeks. There, she let me know about her story, why she chose to leave her country, what happened to her in Canada, why she was deported back and… how is she trying to get back here.

Pic by by Vacacion (Flickr)

Pic by by Vacacion (Flickr)

As part of my almost daily English exercise with this blog I will write the history of Maria. I hope you find it interesting. More after the jump…

Chapter I: “I have to get the hell outta here!”

Maria was borned and raised in a good family. She had a good living, a great education in the best schools, she traveled around the world and also had a chance to start a university career. Maria was a lucky girl compared to the average girl south of the border. The only problem with Maria was her greater appreciation for women and as you knoe, south of the border the “macho pride” does not see that as a good thing.

She remembers the day the police captured her and a friend because they were kissing each other in the street. That cop was the only witness for that “fault” and all he testified was that being there so many men around… it was a pity two such beautiful ladies were kissing each other! It was just a bad moment, a few hours in downtown and that was all. Or at least that’s what she thought…

One day her sister Lucia decided to use one of Maria’s jackets. It was a bad idea… when Lucia was coming back from school she was attacked by a man. The intention was clearly to rape her, a lesson so she knows she should not be a lesbian. Finally, the attacker was stopped by some witnesses. It has been a neighbor, someone from around who was aware of Maria’s history. The guy was taken to prison, sent before a judge… and sent back home. Yeas… he was guilty of attacking the lady but, after all, there has been no penetration or nothing bad happened as he was stopped… so he can go home.

Laws are so flexible sometimes south of the border… It was time for Maria to fly away from home.

  1. Very nice. I can’t wait to read the rest of the installments. I like your very matter-of-fact narration style

  2. I wish I could. If you look at my Bucket List page, you’ll see that learning Spanish is something I’d really like to do. I’ll probably never learn enough to read a good story, but I’d like to learn enough to have a conversation and maybe live in Spain for a few months. Meanwhile I’m doing Zumba and getting familiar with the music

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