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Maria, a story – Part II “Because I can!”

In From other latitudes on May 19, 2009 at 9:30 am

So after Maria’s sister got beaten up by some neighbour, she got encarcelated by police just by kissing another girl and so many other things we may imagine but don’t know, Maria decided to escape her south of the border village.

As many other people she knew, Canada was the first option. There were many reasons but the main one was “Because I can” Because she can reserve a hotel room in Montreal over the phone, because she can buy a round trip ticket, becuase she can demonstrate she goes as a tourist… and because after all that, once in Montreal… she can claim for refuge. Or can’t she?

So she didi all that, got to the Trudeau Airport, said she was coming on vacation and, a few days after that, she just went into an office in downtown Montreral and claimed for refuge…. and welfare a few hours later. Just because she can and the system allows her to do it.

This seems to be a very generous country.

  1. Really? It’s that easy to be a refuge in Canada? That’s both very cool and a little frightening at the same time.

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