A Great Collection of Nonsense From a South Of The Border Guy

Maria, a story – Part III “In the meantime…”

In From other latitudes on May 21, 2009 at 9:04 am

So our south of the border friend finally managed herself to get to Montreal and claim refuge and welfare. In that way, she as able to stay in Canada until the authorities review her claim and, with the welfare, she was able to have some money to survive.

Pic by delphaber (Flickr)

Pic by delphaber (Flickr)

But in the meantime, and until she had to defend her case against the authorities, she looked for a job… But wait… A job? Wasn’t she in the welfare? Yes, she was in the welfare but who says that money is enough? And who says you cannot take an under the table job to complement the income? Eh?

It was not easy and what she found was not great… Who was going to accept in the payroll a south of the border refuge claimer with a welfare income? Just those wanting to abuse the system: long hours, low pay jobs… or long hours I pay you whenever I can/want… Cleaning, manufacturing jobs… not more than that. Hard times for a well raised girl from south of the border.

At least she had known a Canadian soul mate in Montreal who was willing to be her partner in life… Not everything can be that bad!

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