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Maria, a story – Part IV and Last “Get out and do your homework”

In From other latitudes on May 25, 2009 at 12:50 pm

So Maria found in Montreal a good place to live, a good place to ask for refuge, a good place to work “under the table” and a good place to find love. She got married with a pretty canadian lady and, with her new couple, awaited her hearing.

When the day arrived, she had to defend her case in front of a Judge and convence him on why she deserved the category of refugee, what were the problems she faced back at home, why her life was in danger and every single detail the Justice needs to listen.  An so she did. And so did the Justice.

They sent Maria back home 30 days after the trial. Now she is living separated from her wife and is doing the paperwork to come back to Canada sponsored by her counterpart. After lots of time, stress and tax payers money Maria has to do all the paperwork the right way. The same way she could have chosen the first time.

  1. So, they didn’t believe she was in danger back home obviously? I guess the moral of the story is to try to go through the proper channels? It’s hard to say sometimes and all depends on the circumstances. Each case is different. I used to work at the Federal Court in the immigration appeals unit and we saw a lot of cases of people just thinking they could show up here without meeting any of the immigration requirements. They’d use a lot of ploys — claiming refugee status when they clearly had no basis for doing so; deliberately have a child and use that child’s Canadian status to try and stay in the country; etc. Canada is a pretty easy country to get into already, but I think we need to have a few rules in place. I hope Maria is able to come back and join her wife.

    • I did not know about that job of yours… Would u like to share some of those stories with my fellow immigrant readers? I bet they’d be interesting for them!

  2. That’s too bad for Maria. But its hard to judge one way or another without all the details of her case. Maybe the judge had good reason for their decision..

  3. The job was 15 years ago and a) I don’t remember much, and b) I could only share them in the vaguest possible way without breaching any confidentiality. And c) the cases we dealt with were way beyond what most immigrants would have to concern themselves with — they were mostly people who had come into the country illegally and were being deported. This was their last resort for appealing the deportation order.

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