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My cell is bigger than yours [Macho Technology]

In From other latitudes on May 28, 2009 at 9:47 am

As you may know, and if you don’t I tell you now, latinamericans and their Macho culture have a tremendous obsession with sizes. in particular with that. Yeah, “the member”. The macho companion.

So tremendous and so obsessive that they have invented hundreds of different names and connotations for it. A particular name for it that looks to be very spread in the region is “Verga” So when someone talks about the “verga” is talking about it. And not in a very educated way, if I may.

Hugo's Dick Phone!

Hugo's Dick Phone!

So if something is awful it can be a “verga”. “Esa cosa es una verga!” (That thing is shit!)

But if it’s really good… it can also be a “verga”. “Mira que verga!” (Look how cool this thing is!)

And of course, you can compare “vergas” . What would be of the Macho life ifmy verga isn’t bigger than yours… right? I guess this happens in every culture anyways.

Now, our good friend Chavez has taken the “verga” to the technlogy world and created the “Vergatario” A venezuela made cellphone that is so good that is a “verga” But a very cool, socialist, anti USA “verga”.

What a dickhead!

  1. Don’t you mean “what a verga-head”?

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