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Happy Canada Day… Interesting facts about Canada (that I found somewhere else)

In From Everyday Life on June 30, 2009 at 7:43 am

So tomorrow is Canada Day, the Confederation will have another year and it’s still surviving… Even if the Bloc wants to break it apart!


But politics aside, it’s an interesting moment to learn a few facts about Canada. I invite you to go take a look at XUP’s post about 10 + 10 facts about Canada.

By the way… what represents Canada the best? Tim Hortons or the BlackBerry?

  1. Did you heare that Timmies is moving it’s incorporation back to Canada? (It was affiliated with U.S. chain Wendy’s for a long time…)

    An American friend came up way back when and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why we needed so many donught shops… so maybe it does define us.

  2. Hey this is Zodi from the Adventures of Tim and Zodi’s Blog. I just wanted to say thanks a million for linking to our blog. *hugh fives* Totally love it when other people link back. Mind if we place a link to your blog in our blog link section?

  3. Tim Hortons definitely represents Canada better! It helps us survive the harsh winters and blistering summers!

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